Kurokawa Award Winner (Early Career Physicians Category)


Kurokawa Award (Early Career Physicians Category) Recipient’s Remarks
Shinichi Katsukura, Dokkyo Medical University

I am very honored to receive the prestigious Kurokawa Award at the 2021 Annual Meeting of the ACP Japan Chapter.

The rise of artificial intelligence in the medical field has been remarkable, and the same is true for the research in clinical diagnosis, which our team espouses as the research interest.

There are two AI-based outpatient medical support systems: The AI-driven automated medical-history-taking systems and the AI-driven differential-diagnosis lists.

However, there have been no reports comparing and verifying which of the two systems contributes more to the physician’s diagnostic process, which prompted us to plan this study.

Consequently, this study showed that the AI-driven differential-diagnosis lists did not have much efficacy on the physicians’ diagnostic accuracy, but the results also suggested that as the diagnostic accuracy of AI improves, the physicians with the system will also improve their diagnostic accuracy.

Our team, the Department of Diagnostic and General Medicine at Dokkyo Medical University, whose core interest is the development of diagnostic thinking strategy, will continue to promote augmentation in diagnosis between physicians and AI towards the singularity.

I am very grateful to Professor Taro Shimizu, Dr Yukinori Harada, and other fellow members of my department for their generous guidance from the planning of the research to the presentation.

Finally, I would also like to express my gratitude to the staff of the ACP Japan Chapter for providing such a wonderful setting for my presentation. I would appreciate so much.