Internal Medicine Meeting 2023ポスター発表体験レポート(1)


ACP日本支部年次総会・講演会2022 黒川賞(若手医師部門)を受賞してマウント・サイナイ・アイカーン医科大学の原田 洸先生から、Internal Medicine Meeting 2023ポスター発表の体験レポートを頂きましたのでご報告いたします。






I am pleased to announce my participation in the annual meeting of the American College of Physicians (ACP) in 2023. I would like to express my gratitude for the travel support from the ACP Japan Chapter that made this participation possible.

At the conference, I presented a poster that was selected for the Japan Chapter Award, detailing the trends in sarcoidosis mortality rates in Japan. We analyzed sarcoidosis-related mortality in Japan over the past 20 years among the older population, which revealed an increase in sarcoidosis related mortality rate, especially in the older population with a female predominance. Sarcoidosis has been attracting increasing attention recently, and the poster presentation drew the interest of many participants, leading to a meaningful Q&A session.

I have attended several international medical conferences previously, and I noticed that the ACP conferences are distinguished by their sophisticated lectures. The speakers were all excellent, focusing on important topics for internists in their talks and slides, allowing me to learn content that will be useful from the next day of the conference. The lecture addressing the issues within the U.S. insurance system was especially intriguing. The U.S. medical insurance system is highly complex, representing one of the major differences between Japanese and U.S. healthcare. This was an excellent opportunity for me to contemplate the ideal medical insurance system.

The conference was a valuable platform for information exchange, where I was able to gain new knowledge from experts around the world and share my own research widely. I plan to continue actively participating in ACP Japan Chapter conferences and the annual ACP conferences, and will strive to contribute to the advancement of the ACP Japan Chapter. Finally, I would like to extend my thanks once again to all those involved in the ACP Japan Chapter for providing this wonderful experience.