Governor’s Newsletter(Jun. 2022)


Greetings to the all the Chapter members!

It was unfortunate that we couldn’t attend the ACP 2022 Annual Meeting in Chicago (IMM 2022) at the end of April due to the Covid-19 restrictions. But you should find good things in a bad situation – as it was held in a hybrid style, we could see some of the lectures online, although time difference was a limiting factor. Many sessions were recorded and are available for several months after the meeting so that you can watch some of them later.

The 2023 ACP Annual Meeting will be held at the end of April 2023 in San Diego. I hope that next year there will be many physicians from Japan at the meeting. Start planning now!

Let’s talk about our Chapter’s Scientific Meeting 2022. It will be held completely online on Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th this month. Some of the sessions will be distributed on-demand to the participants during some period after the meeting so that you can view sessions you missed.

With Covid-19 still a present threat to our health and well-being, please remember to take care of yourselves and take time to treasure those who are most dear in your lives.

All the best,

Kenji Maeda

Governor’s Newsletter(Nov. 2021)


Fall is in full swing now and the covid-19 patients are rapidly decreasing in number, thanks to your endeavor. Subsequently, Winter is approaching but I hope there won’t be the sixth wave of the pandemic even in the cold season. To prevent the recurrence of the disease, we should be careful enough and learn about the virus. As a member of ACP I have appreciated the resources and support from ACP in providing care for the covid-19 patients. I encourage you to review the latest updates in the ACP homepage.

In this season, we are going to elect the Governor-Elect (GE) in the vote. Both of the candidates have leadership and cognizant of ACP matters well. So I firmly believe that he/she will be a good GE. If you haven’t voted yet, please make haste with your vote – the deadline is November 5th.

Lastly, let me ask you to stay current with your ACP membership, and to recommend to your professional IM colleagues and student/resident affiliates that they maintain and/or renew ACP membership. Membership provides you with various privileges including free access to Annals of Internal Medicine and other multiple free online resources, and we are planning to add more to the Japan chapter members in the near future.

I wish all of you a safe, healthy, and happy upcoming holiday season.

Kenji Maeda

Governor’s Message (Aug 2021)




さて、9月は毎年恒例の「Women in Medicine month」です。周囲でFACPに相応しい女性医師の会員の方がおられたら、是非地域のCMC担当の先生にご推薦ください。また、男女を問わず、優れた総合内科専門医でまだ会員でない先生が周囲におられたら是非入会のお声掛けをお願い致します。

ACP日本支部 支部長